Kolster BV internationally

The world is modernising, innovating and becoming more visual, and as a result it’s becoming ever more attractive for Kolster BV. Internationally Kolster BV is seeing growth in global floriculture production, and we want to take advantage of these challenges and opportunities. There are good reasons why the Netherlands is the biggest player in the worldwide sale of flowers and plants. Kolster’s flowers and plants are traded to all parts of the world both by air and in sea containers.

Breeding programmes, cultivation expertise, innovation and branding have created a strong position worldwide which Kolster BV wants to retain. As a specialist in cut flower products, Kolster BV operates in some 80 countries.

It’s been a long time since the production and sale of cut flower products were a merely local or regional matter. Apart from the breeding and the first cultivation of new species, the large-scale cultivation has now been outsourced to growers at home and abroad. Existing and new discoveries are making their way from there to other places far beyond the borders of the Netherlands, ranging from nurseries in neighbouring countries through to North and South America, Africa and even South Korea.

Kolster BV has built up a substantial network over the years in order to be able to offer the products with breeder’s rights at home and abroad in a reliable way. Hence parental material for cut flower products is sent to nurseries in countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador and Colombia. These crops protected by breeder’s rights are often placed with growers through agencies.

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