Breeding of Magical varieties

Important criteria of breeding are:

  • vase-life as well as garden-life of flower and plant
  • attractive eye-catcher
  • production
  • quality
  • disease tolerance
  • labour intensity

It is a long way from succesfull cross-fertilization to market introduction : depending on the plant it can take 6 to 12 years. One should realize that 98% of the seeds/plants will be destroyed. Kolster BV concentrate mainly on shrubs suitable for use by florists. Preference is given to products with a longer harvesting time (berries, leaves, etc.)

In recent years  Kolster BV has been concentrating on the developments of visually attractive container plants and ground cover plants for landscaping. Presently, Kolster BV have more than 120 species of plants licensed or licensing for cultivation in Europe and some other countries. The names “Fantasy” and “Magical” are registered trademarks of Kolster BV.

Plant variety right is the Achilles’ heel for breeding. Besides time Kolster BV also invest a lot of money in research and development.

The strength of Kolster’ Breeding is:

  • high expertise (besides Peter Kolster there are 2 other breeders)
  • become wise through experience
  • professional
  • innovative
  • powers of adjustment

The introduction of new species is Kolster BV most important company activity hence our collaboration with various breeders inside and outside the Netherlands.

Kolster BV represent also other winners of species inside and outside the Netherlands