Explanation cutflowers

Cutflowers and ornamental foliage are flowers or shrubs that produce flowersor foliage whose value is partly determined by their production of attractive branches for cutting, which are then traded. These products are more often used in mixed bouquets and floral arrangements.In the Netherlands a bouquet or floral arrangement is often made up of more than 50 % ornamental foliage. It has become an essential part of floral decorations and contribute strongly to the projection of extra quality.


Photos: Sedum Magical Lizzy, Ilex Magical Times and Skimmia Magical Pink.

Cutflowers and foliages may be selected for its leaves, berries, flowers, shape, fragrance, colour or a combination of any of these.In addition it is very important to be aware of the specifications a shrub grown for ornamental foliage must meet. Not only quality is important, but also the production volume, plant health, vase life and selling price per branch. Ornamental foliage is extremely popular with florists. As there are so many varieties, it is very important to select the best varieties and top qualities.