Jun: Gypsophila

The gypsophila, also known as cushion baby's-breath, is a lovely flower type with white and light purple flowers that add romantic accents to your garden. The gypsophila stems from the carnation family and is, depending on the species, a moderately hardy plant that grows well in our climate. Some gypsophila species originally come from the Himalayan region, but also grow in various areas throughout Eurasia. It is a plant that enjoys the sun's company - a perfect addition to your garden.

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A flexible plant with fine details

There are 80 to 100 gypsophila species and they can grow on any soil with a preference for limestone soil, which makes the flower flexible in planting. Depending on the species, the gypsophila is an annual or perennial plant and not always hardy. 

The flowers are usually small and in the colors white and pink, the plant flowers abundantly. The fine details in the flower make for an elegant asset in every garden. 

A low-maintenance plant

The gypsophila is a low-maintenance plant with a high tolerance for different types of soils. Of course, it prefers a lime-rich soil, but the plant can also grow on soils poorer in lime. To stimulate the growth of the gypsophila, the soil should not be too moist, but porous and in a sunny place.

Voor de groei en onderhoud van de plant is het belangrijk deze jaarlijks in het voorjaar te snijden.


The gypsophila is on the Dutch red list of plants which that have become increasingly rare. On the other hand, the gypsophila is also in the top 10 of the most popular cut flowers, and this plant is grown as a cut flower on a large scale. The gypsophila is also often used as extra material in bouquets - there is no getting around this plant in the decorative plant industry.

The name of the plant (Gypsophila) is derived from the Greek words gypsos (chalk) and philos (love). The innocent appearance of the flower does its Greek name justice. 

  • Andromeda (Dgypgrand)
    Bright white, large, round flowers that have a rich flowering.

  • Beauty Bride (Dgypbride) 
    White flowers with rich flowering and high production.

  • Million Stars (Dangymini) 
    An abundance of tiny white flowers with a rich flowering, especially concentrated on the top.

  • My Pink (Dangy39) 
    Attractive and unique pink flowers. These species are large and have a rich flowering.

  • White Victoria (Dgyvicwit) 
    Bright white flowers with solid branches that are medium sized or long.

  • Xlence (Dgypxlence) 
    Gorgeous white flowers, exceptionally large, with perfectly round leaves and a rich flowering.