Kolster BV is the premier specialist in top-quality cutting-edge products, proudly serving customers in over 90 countries worldwide. Whether you're operating locally or on the other side of the world, we bring the latest plant varieties directly to your nursery. Our extensive network includes dedicated experts ready to guide and advise you in finding the perfect varieties to enhance your business. Choose Kolster BV and experience the future of cutting-edge solutions today!

Kolster offers a wide range of 'Magicals' in all parts of the world!
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New, long flowering selections with large flowers, high production and striking colors. Re-bloom! Ideal for cut cultivation as a filler for bouquets.


Plants specially selected for cut production with sturdy stems and long shelf life. Available in the colors white, blue, pink and purple.


New papyrus plant (grass) with beautiful, striking inflorescence that has been selected for cutting. Excellent shelf life.


Delphiniums are beautiful cut flowers and the flower panicles grow straight up, available in the colors blue, purple, pink, white or 2-color.


Healthy selections with high productions for cut production. Currently available in the colors white, green, blue and purple, but there is refinement in attractive colors and special shapes.


Cut hydrangeas are popular flowers that are not only selected by Kolster BV for beautiful fresh colors, but also color through to "classic" colors and therefore have an unprecedented long vase life.


A popular berry product that is highly sought after in mixed bouquets. The Magical series from Kolster BV has a highly appreciated place on the international market. Very attractive berry colors, healthy growth, high rust tolerance and often even rust resistance are the typical characteristics of these species.


Beautiful very rich flowering, long arrow-shaped flowers that are often used in bouquets.


Screen-shaped flowers with a fairly high mildew tolerance, striking and colorful.


Compact Photinia with red leaves, good shrub and easy to process.