New varieties 2023

New varieties 2023 Kolster BV & C U T F LOWE R S



Astrantia is a genus with many type of flowers with white, pink or red colors. The flowers are surrounded by striking bracts and stand on long stems above the leaves. ASTRANTIA MAGICAL® DIAMONDS RED

ASTRANTIA Zachtroze Astrantia met lange stevige stelen. Soft pink Astrantia with long sturdy stems. MAGICAL® DIAMONDS PINK Grote dieprode bloemen met donkere nuances. Large deep red flowers with darker tones. MAGICAL® DIAMONDS RED Door zijn wit, roze en groene tinten in de bloemen, is deze Astrantia op vele wijzen toe te passen. With shades of white, pink and green in its flowers, this Astrantia is very versatile. MAGICAL® DIAMONDS SOFT PINK Zeer productief ras met roze bloemen en rechte, stevige stelen. Very productive variety with pink flowers and straight, sturdy stems. MAGICAL® MELINDA Rode bloemen met rechte, stevige stelen. Red flowers with straight, sturdy stems. MAGICAL® RED Mooie witte bloemen met een zachte groene tint. Beautiful white flowers with a soft green hue. MAGICAL® SNOWFALLS Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

Cotinus, alias smoke tree is a very hardy ornamental shrub that derives it’s name from the rosy, furry flower heads. The leaves are smooth and purple, in the autumn reddish. COTINUS MAGICAL® PURPLE

COTINUS Een zeer intens blauwe bloem met een wit hart. Een zeer fraaie Delphinium. A very intense blue flower with a white centre. A very beautiful Delphinium. MAGICAL® ANNA DELPHINIUM De verbeterde versie van de reeds bekende Royal Purple. De plant groeit met kaarsrechte takken en het blad is donkerder van kleur. Zeer goed vertakkend. The improved version of the already well-known Royal Purple. The plant grows with straight branches and the leaves are darker in color. Very good branching. MAGICAL® PURPLE Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

All our Eryngium varieties are healthy and have a large harvest production. In the meantime, our range has been expanded with special varieties. Here are some of our special additions to our Eryngium selection. ERYNGIUM MAGICAL® WHITE LAGOON

ERYNGIUM Zeer bijzondere bijna lichtgevend witte distel, die ook verrassend is in het groene stadium. Very special almost luminous white thistle, which also looks amazing in the green phase. MAGICAL® WHITE LAGOON Sterke gezonde eryngium, lijkt op Green Globe echter met langere stelen en iets hogere en latere productie. Bloemen zijn meer zilver van kleur. Strong vigorous eryngium, resembles Green Globe but with longer stems and slightly higher and later production. Flowers are more silver in colour. MAGICAL® SILVER GLOBE Zeer exclusieve Eryngium met zeer grote rode bloemen. Indrukwekkend grote takken tot wel 2 meter. Very exclusive Eryngium with huge red flowers. Impressively large branches up to 2 metres. MAGICAL® RED THUNDER Zeer sterke en decoratieve distel met warmrode bloemen. Deze distel heeft meer weg van een Sanguisorba dan van een distel. Very strong and decorative thistle with warm red flowers. This thistle looks more like a Sanguisorba than a thistle. MAGICAL® EXPLOSION ERYNGIUM MAGICAL® SILVER GLOBE Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

Cut Hydrangeas are usually grown in the Netherlands under controlled conditions. The flowers are very popular. The ‘Magical’ cut Hydrangeas come in many beautiful colors. When conditions are ideal they take on the most wonderful ‘classic’ colors. The ‘classic’ colored flowers have an exceptionally long vase life! For succesful cultivation, you require the right advice and be informed professionally about which varieties are most suitable for your circumstances. Some varieties are also suitable for outdoor cultivation in Europe. However, if you want the ‘classic’ flower you definitely require a dry climate. HYDRANGEA MACR. MAGICAL® LINN GEBLAUWD

HYDRANGEA Hagelwitte, harde bollen op een tak met donkergroen blad. Deze Hydrangea is indrukwekkend sterk. De bol kleurt door naar zachtgroen. Bright white, hardy flower heads on a branch with dark green leaves. This hydrangea is impressively strong. The flower changes color to soft green. MAGICAL® SNOWFLAKE Een prachtige rozerode bol met subtiele witte bloembladrandjes. Hierdoor valt de bloem extra op. Geblauwd wordt de kleur zeer intens en opvallend paars. A beautiful pinkish-red flower head with subtle white petal edges. This makes the flower stand out even more. When it turns blue, the color becomes very intense and striking purple. MAGICAL® RUBY GLOW Een stevige roze bol met witte randen, waardoor de kleur een speels effect krijgt. Indien geblauwd kleurt het roze paarsig op. A strong pink flower head with white edges, giving the color a playful effect. When blueing, the pink colour changes to purple. MAGICAL® LINN Grote stevige oudroze bollen met donkergroen blad. Large sturdy dusty pink flower heads with dark green leaves MAGICAL® SWEET RUBY Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

The ‘Magical’ varieties of Hypericum have very quickly won a valuable place on the international market. As well as the beautiful berry colors, the range is known by a very healthy growth, a high rust tolerance and often even rust resistance. Various worldwide investigations have proven that these varieties of Hypericum are belonging to the healthiest. HYPERICUM MAGICAL® EXCELLENT

ILEX Verbetering van de Ilex vert. Oosterwijk. Betere zetting en rechtere takken. Improvement of the Ilex vert. Oosterwijk. Improved setting and straighter branches. MAGICAL® SUPREME RED HYPERICUM Grote olijfvormige bessen in warm bruinrode kleur. Zeer lang te oogsten. Large olive-shaped berries in warm brownish-red color. Very long time to harvest. MAGICAL® EXCELLENT Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

These varieties have a very long harvesting time and by choosing correctly one can spread the harvest over more than four months. All varieties can be succesfully coldstored. ROSA MAGICAL® AUTUMN’S GLORY

SORBARIA Makkelijke en gezonde heester met mooie zaaddozen in het najaar. Easy and healthy shrub with beautiful seed pods in autumn. MAGICAL® INDIAN SUMMER ROSA Mooi gevulde tak met warmrode rozenbottels. Weinig tot geen doornen. Beautifully filled branch with warm-red rosehips. Few to no thorns. MAGICAL® AUTUMN’S GLORY Mooi gevormde tak met oranjerode bottels in ronde schermen. Weinig tot geen doornen. Beautifully shaped branch with orange-red hips in round umbels. Few to no thorns. MAGICAL® PASSOA Sterke roos met oranjerode gekleurde rozenbottels in puntvormige tros. Zeer lang te oogsten en zeer harde bottels. Weinig tot geen doornen. Strong rose with orangered rosehips in pointed clusters. Very long time to harvest and very hard hips. Few to no thorns. MAGICAL® PRIDE Sterke roos met rood gekleurde rozenbottels in puntvormige tros. Zeer lang te oogsten en zeer harde bottels. Weinig tot geen doornen. Strong rose with red rosehips in pointed clusters. Very long time to harvest and very hard hips. Few to no thorns. MAGICAL® SUNSET Cutflowers - New variaties 2023

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