Hypericum in the spotlight


Magical Impression

Bright red berries, long branches and beautiful healthy dark leaves. A true revolution in the cultivation of Hypericum! Due to the very long harvest time (more than 5 weeks of good berries) there is no stress with harvesting and you can supply uniform stems of the same variety over a very long time. You can harvest from mid-August to mid-September (the Netherlands). If necessary, the harvest can be extended until the end of October by means of additional pruning in May. The best red Hypericum for the European market!

hypericum in. magical innocence m overzicht

Magical Innocence

Salmon pink, big berries, early! Most early Hypericum in our range, unique colour. Harvest time end of July-August.

hypericum in. magical royal princess m overzicht

Magical Royal Princess

Very large, pink berries. Comes after the Magical Innocense, very large pink berries on nice heavy branches.


Magical Green revival

Large fresh green berries. Medium early hypericum with apple green berries, heavy branches.

hypericum in. magical universe l overzicht

Magical Universe

Very dark brown shiny berries. Very unique dark color berries, long harvest time.


The p9 of the above varieties is available for delivery in May, the p9 comes with 2-3 cuttings per pot, nice heavy material!
Hypericum for a really nice (late) summer cultivation!

With enthusiastic regards,

Kolster BV