Plant specialties

Our plant specialties can be divided into 15 kinds:


Delphinium are splendid flowers in colours purple, blue, red, white and 2-coloured. These plants blossom between the end of spring until the end of the summer.

Kolster BV introduces 12 varieties of the Delphi-assortment.

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  • Delphi’s Blue Power
  • Delphi’s Diamant
  • Delphi’s Emerald
  • Delphi’s Evening Light
  • Delphi’s Hollands Glorie
  • Delphi’s Jewel
  • Delphi’s Misty
  • Delphi’s Moonlight
  • Delphi’s Pink Power
  • Delphi’s Power
  • Delphi’s Secret
  • Delphi’s Starlight

Helleborus is a real winterhardy plant. The ordinary blossom starts in January until half of April.

Kolster BV introduces 6 vars.

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  • argutifolius
  • foetidus Wilgenbroek
  • orientalis in kleuren
  • sternii Flame
  • sternii Tineke
  • sternii Wilgenbroek

Ilex verticillata is a very important ornamental product, the bare branches covered in berries are also popular for cutting and use in floral arrangements in autumn and at Christmas. Except for the well-known red and yellow selections, there are also different colours orange available.

Kolster BV has selected 9 vars.

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  • verticillata (Oosterwijk)
  • Magical Amaranth
  • Magical Berry
  • Magical Crimson
  • Magical Daydream
  • Golden Verboom
  • Wintergold
  • Magical Winter Jewel
  • Magical Wintersun

The Magical and Fantasy rosehips are ideal fillers for making eye-catching bouquets and arrangements. All Kolster’varieties can be succesfully chilled creating a longer harvesting time.

Kolster BV has selected 7 vars:

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  • Amazing Fantasy
  • Magical Delight
  • Magical Miracle
  • Sensational Fantasy
  • Magical Gold
  • Magical Pearls
  • Magical Bullet

A beautiful filler in a bouquet, eye-catching panicles which ends in a scope.

Kolster BV introduces 4 varieties of Danziger.

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  • Angels Glory
  • Golden Glory
  • Moonlight Glory
  • Solar Glory

Our Eryngium cultivars are very healthy and have a large harvest production.

Kolster BV introduces 12 varieties

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  • Magical Anita
  • Blue Bayou
  • Magical Blue Falls
  • Magical Blue Lagoon
  • Magical Cloud
  • Magical Green Globe
  • Magical Purple Falls
  • Magical Rowshow
  • Magical Silver
  • Magical Star
  • Magical Symphony
  • Magical White Falls

The flowers of Hydrangea are extremely popular. The “Magical’” Hydrangea varieties are not only selected for their stunning range of colours but when conditions are ideal they take on the most wonderful ‘classic’ colours.

Kolster BV has selected 50 macrophylla vars and 4 paniculata vars (panicle Hydrangea).

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  • arb. Annabelle
  • Magical Allegretto
  • Magical Amethyst
  • Magical Amore
  • Magical Anouk
  • Magical Ballade
  • Magical Blossom
  • Magical Bolero
  • Magical Bluebells
  • Magical Bride
  • Magical Candy Rock
  • Magical Cantate
  • Magical Canzone
  • Magical Cerise
  • Magical Charlotte
  • Magical Cleopatra
  • Magical Colourdream
  • Magical Coral
  • Magical Crimson
  • Magical Crystal
  • Magical Daydream
  • Magical Diamond
  • Magical Dynamite
  • Magical Emerald
  • Magical Flamenco    
  • Magical Glowing Alps
  • Magical Green Cloud
  • Magical Green Waves
  • Magical Greenfire
  • Magical Marble
  • Magical Noblesse
  • Magical Opal
  • Magical Ornament
  • Magical Ouverture
  • Magical Pacific
  • Magical Pearl
  • Magical Pink Cloud
  • Magical Pink Ruby
  • Magical Revolution
  • Magical Revolution XXL
  • Magical Revolution X5
  • Magical Rhapsody
  • Magical Rubyred
  • Magical Serenade
  • Sneeuwbal
  • Magical Snowdome
  • Magical Spotlight
  • Magical Summergreen
  • Magical Sunshine
  • Magical Triumph
  • Magical Wings
  • paniculata Magical Candle
  • paniculata Magical Sweet Summer
  • paniculata Magical Kilimanjaro
  • paniculata Magical Mont Blanc

The Peony Rose is an amazingly popular spring flower. By choosing early, middle and late varieties you can spread your harvest.

Kolster BV can offer you a varied assortment. A view of our colourful assortment:

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  • Angel Cheeks
  • Big Ben
  • Coral Charm
  • Coral Sunset
  • Dr. Alexander Flemming
  • Duchesse de Nemours
  • Elsa Sass
  • Flame
  • Gardenia
  • Lady Alexander Duff
  • Monsieur Jules Elie
  • Peter Brand
  • Pillow talk
  • Red Sarah Bernhardt
  • Sarah Bernhardt
  • White Sarah Bernhardt

The Scabiosa Scoop  var, very delightful flowering varieties in various colours.

Kolster BV has selected 7 varieties of Danziger.

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  • Blackberry Scoop
  • Candy Scoop
  • Cherry Vanilla Scoop
  • Lavender Scoop
  • Marshmallow Scoop
  • Raspberry Scoop
  • Vanilla Scoop

Kolster’s snowberries are characterised by wonderful colours, a good growth and hard berries.

Kolster BV has selected 8 varieties.

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  • Magical Autumn Blush
  • Magical Avalanche
  • Magical Charming Fantasy
  • Magical Lemon and Lime
  • Magical Mandy
  • Magical Milky Way
  • Magical Pride
  • Magical Treasure

Kolster BV introduces 6 excellent Gypsophila vars of Danziger.

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  • Andromeda
  • Beauty Bride
  • Million Stars
  • My Pink
  • White Victoria
  • XLence

This popular berry is often found in floral arrangements nowadays. As well as the beautiful berry colours, the range is hallmarked by a very healthy growth, a high rust tolerance and often even rust resistance.

Kolster BV has selected 15 wonderful vars.

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  • Magical Beauty
  • Magical Dawn
  • Magical Fall
  • Magical White fall
  • Magical Pink Fall
  • Magical Red fall
  • Magical Tropical Fall
  • Magical Green Power
  • Magical Green Revival
  • Magical Impression
  • Magical Innocence
  • Magical Lightning
  • Magical Pumpkin
  • Magical Red Fame
  • Magical Universe

Nice Phlox – varieties with relatively high mildew tolerance, even resistance.

Kolster BV has selected 7 vars

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  • Magical BlusZ
  • Magical InnocenZ
  • Magical KisZ
  • Magical PassionZ
  • Magical SenZ
  • Magical StarZ
  • Magical SnowdropZ

Sedum is a unproblematic plant, beautiful colours as well as in leaves as in flowers, blooming from August until October.

Kolster BV has selected 5 varieties.

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  • Herbstfreude
  • Magical Lizzy
  • Matrona
  • Puple Emperor
  • spectabile Brilliant

Long-leaf speedwell. Upright growing branches with abundantly flowering, spike shaped flowers.

Kolster BV has selected 3 varieties of Danziger.

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  • Skyler Blue
  • Skyler Pink
  • Skyler White