Malus EN

The malus is an apple that can be classified into two types of apples: the crabapple and the apple intended for human consumption. Although the latter apple tastes a lot better, the crabapple has a far better color. In summer, the malus adorns the garden with blossom, in winter with small fruits. Crabapples aren't just an asset to your garden; birds, too, are very happy with it.

A graceful, flowering eye-catcher

The malus grows in different colors and sizes. The crabapple originated from a crossing of various types of wild apples, but has expanded into a species rich in blossom and fruit colors. White or pink blossoms adorn the garden in spring, after which red and orange apples grab the attention in fall. In spring, the apples can also be seen in an early stage, making the apples the eye-catcher of every garden twice a year.

Malus grows up and forms a wide crown. The leaves of the malus have an oval shape and a bronze color, that eventually changes into green. The blossom turns pink while blossoming, but eventually fades to white. The flowers are approximately 4 centimeters tall and are spread over the tree in bundles. Orange apples stay on the tree until January, reaching about 3 centimeters in size. The tree needs a growth of at least three years to start bearing fruit.

Low-maintenance when planted in the right location

A fertile place in the sun or partial shade is perfect for this elegant fruit tree. To optimize growth, the roots can best be provided with a layer of mulch; Spreading a layer of compost over the ground in winter will be rewarded with flowering blossom and deep-colored fruits.

Once you have planted it in a good spot, the crabapple needs very little care during the rest of its development. Old or dead branches can be cut and old apples can be picked, so that the crown can grow without obstacles. August is the perfect time to prune the crabapple, so that it can grow undisturbed. The malus only needs little care and rewards you greatly for it - an indispensable part of every garden and park.