Peonies/Paeonia South Korea

The peony is a popular spring flower and has many fans falling for its charms. It's not only the variety in colors that makes this flower so attractive, the deliciously sweet scent that comes from the flower also has a big role in this and cannot be missed. This is one of the reasons that flower enthusiasts enjoy planting peonies in their gardens. Apart from that, the peony is a colorful addition to every house and garden and serves as the perfect cut flower.

Appearance of the flower

Peony roses brighten up the environment because of their wide variety of colors. There are more than 1,000 different peony roses and they are available in different colors and sizes. Most peonies grow between 80 and 100 centimeters tall. Because of their cheerful colors and sweet scent, they are also very popular with bumblebees, wasps and ants.

Fertile soils and flowering periods

Peonies have been around for a while; in Europe, gardeners have been planting and enjoying them since 1784. Originally, the peony rose comes from China. There, too, it is a popular flower for its fever reducing and hemostatic effects. There are, however, some environmental requirements that need to be taken into account for the peony to flourish.

Peony roses are perennials and can last a long time, as long as their roots have fertile soils at their disposal. In addition, the plant likes moist soil in a sunny spot. To stimulate growth, the soil should be kept free from weeds. That's the reason peonies generally grow well on neutral soils.

The flowering period of this fragrant flower takes place between May and June. During this period, several colorful peony roses develop that can be used for cutting work. The longer you leave a peony to grow, the more beautiful the flowers will eventually be. The flowering period of the peony is also the best time for cutting.

Care and the best moments for planting

Like any other plant, the peony needs proper care, so that you can enjoy these beautiful flowers for years.

As mentioned before, the peony needs a fertile soil type to grow. Soils that are too acidic are therefore better avoided. You can recognize acidic soil by moss growing on the surface. Should the soil be too acidic, it can be remedied by adding lime, which reduces acidity. In addition, the soil must be stripped of all weeds, so that the flower is not impeded in its growth.

Once the soil has been prepared with the proper structure, you can start looking at the best moment for planting the peony. Following the annual cycle of the flower, which is divided into different phases, namely the plant growth, flower growth and rest phase, fall is the perfect time for planting. After planting it takes about a year before the flowers are fully grown. 

Paeonia species

The paeonia flower is a rich plant with many varieties. We have listed some of the most beautiful types for you, so you only have to choose depending on your taste. 

  • Alertie

  • Angel Cheeks

  • Big Ben

  • Coral Charm

  • Coral Sunset

  • Dr. Alexander Fleming

  • Duchesse de Nemours

  • Elsa Sass

  • Festiva Maxima

  • Flame

  • Gardenia

  • Immaculee

  • Kansas

  • Karl Rosenfield

  • Monsieur Jules Elie

  • Peter Brand

  • Pillow Talk

  • Red Charm

  • Red Sarah Bernhardt

  • Sarah Bernhardt

  • Shirley Temple

  • White Sarah Bernhardt