Various shrubs and perennials

Spiraea Nip. Snowmound

Flower branches at the end of JUNE.

Planting distance : 90 x 90 Quantity per meter: 1.23

Soil type : Any soil

Winter hardiness : Excellent

Characteristics : Exclusive product with white to light pink flowers. Produces many branches. Some flowering regulation possible.

Panicum Virgatum

Grasses (panicles) in various colors in SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER.

Planting distance : 70 x 70

Quantity per meter : 2.04

Soil type : Any soil

Wnter hardiness : Excellent

Characteristics : Beautiful grass variety with great utility value for florists.

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Yellow, pure, extra large spherical flowers. Flowering depends on plant date.

Planting distance : 25 x 25

Quantity per meter : 16 net on beds

Soil type : Any soil

Winter hardiness : n/a 1-year cultivation

Characteristics : Beautiful, yellow, large spherical flowers